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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Reuters: FBI doesn't plan charges over IRS scrutiny of Tea Party

"The Light-bringer of Dreams gives orders, and the Justice Department obeys. So it is now, and it shall always be,"

Of course not. Eric Holder is heading up the Justice Department. If it was up too him, Holder would jail all of the Tea Party for daring to disagree with Obama.

There will be no real answers until (and if) there's an IG investigation.

From Reuters (h/t Instapundit):

The FBI is not planning to file criminal charges involving the Internal Revenue Service's extra scrutiny of the Tea Party and other conservative groups, the Wall Street Journal reported on Monday, citing law enforcement officials. 
The newspaper quoted officials as saying that investigators probing the IRS actions, which unleashed a political furor in Washington, did not uncover the type of political bias or "enemy hunting" that would constitute a criminal violation. The evidence showed a mismanaged agency enforcing rules it did not understand on applications for tax exemptions, the Journal reported.  
In May, a senior IRS executive made an unexpected public apology at a legal conference for what she described as improper scrutiny by the agency of conservative political groups. 
The apology set off weeks of investigation and controversy, culminating in findings that Tea Party-linked political groups applying for tax-exempt status had been subjected to extra review and delay by employees at an IRS Cincinnati field office.

Nice summary from Reuters, huh? That's reality for these people... there was never even a problem until an "IRS executive made an unexpected public apology."

These people really are shameless Leftist flacks trying to control reality.

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