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Monday, September 1, 2014

China Denies Democracy in Hong Kong

Let's all remember when the Empire State Building was lit up with the Chinese national colors to honor the country, shall we?

China denying democratic elections in Hong Kong is not a surprise.

From The Washington Free Beacon article by Dan Wiser:

China’s legislature on Sunday denied fully democratic elections to Hong Kong in a move that could spark mass protests in the city’s streets. 
The National People’s Congress Standing Committee ruled that nominees for Hong Kong’s chief executive in 2017 would still have to obtain approval from 50 percent of a mostly pro-Beijing committee. The financial center’s pro-democracy movement had pushed for minimal involvement from China in both the nomination and election process. 
One pro-democracy legislator in Hong Kong told the New York Times that the city’s residents feel “betrayed.” 
“After having lied to Hong Kong people for so many years, it finally revealed itself today,” said Alan Leong. “Hong Kong people are right to feel betrayed. It’s certain now that the central government will be effectively appointing Hong Kong’s chief executive.” 
China regained administrative control of the former British colony in 1997. Hong Kong has since operated under a “one country, two systems” agreement that grants it more civil liberties and local freedoms than the mainland, making it a potential flashpoint in the clashes between Beijing and pro-democracy groups. 
The group Occupy Central now says it will stage nonviolent demonstrations in Hong Kong to protest the new electoral rules. 
Democratic members of Hong Kong’s Legislative Council could still attempt to block implementation of the electoral changes, which require approval by a two-thirds majority. However, the city’s current chief executive—loyal to Beijing—warned that not passing the rules could bar residents from voting at all.

Nice-- follow Beijing's instructions, or you won't be able to vote at all. Nothing like a little threat to force people to follow your edicts.

Stop if I'm wrong, but haven't a number of Democrats expressed admiration of China for its abilities to get things done? Well here's a sample of that.

And again the American Left reveals their desire for control and coercion-- all for the good of the people, of course.

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