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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Hill: Support for ObamaCare Continues to Fall

He has come to give us crappy health care. Who could possibly dare to stand in the Light-bringer's way?

You know, a lot of bad news for Obama gets little attention simply because of how much there is. I mean the economy is still tanking, the IRS is still losing e-mails that ties Obama to the IRS targeting of conservative groups during an election year, Ukraine is battling Russia-- even after the reset, I mean "over charge," button nonsense, Islamic extremists (which the White House wanted to support against Assad) are crucifying and beheading people in Iraq and Syria including two American journalists, and so on.

So just to revisit some old items of interest, people still hate ObamaCare and support is eroding even further.

From The Hill:

Public approval of ObamaCare continued to sink this summer, issuing the latest warning for vulnerable Democrats who will face voters this fall after backing the law.   
Just 35 percent of voters now support the Affordable Care Act, down 3 percentage points from May, according to a monthly poll by the Kaiser Health Foundation released on Tuesday. Support for the healthcare overhaul law once stood at 50 percent, just weeks after it was signed in 2010.

So some more good news for those of us who don't want government administered health care, and the cost-saving measures that will inevitably come. Does anyone want to say "lobby Congress for your disease of choice to be covered"?

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