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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Chris Mathews Compares Muslim Terrorists with Poor Black Americans

Just a young man without a cellphone trying to connect to the world, according to Chris Mathews.


I just can no longer force myself to watch MSNBC. I did for a time, but those days are pretty long gone now. Yet, after listening to Chris Mathews' hilarious performance on this clip, I might go back for the laughs.

Where to begin...

Well, first for some stupid reason I can't post the actual clip. I'll try again later. In the meantime, the clip is over at Soopermexican so check it out there.

My favorite lines as Mathews talks about radical Islamic terrorists who are crucifying people in Syria and Iraq:

"I think most young people in the world today really want to get educated. They really want to get on their cellphones, they really want to connect to the world."

I didn't know it really required much of an education to use a cellphone or run a search on the internet. Are they giving out degrees for that now? It wouldn't surprise me.

But aside from that, these people are actually doing a pretty good job of using social media to post videos of their beheadings, upload pictures of stacks of bodies, etc.-- whereas I am having to provide a link since I can get the damn video clip to load on my blog. It doesn't really appear to me that these Islamic terrorists are having a hard time connecting with the world.

Mathews' very next line:

"They want to be part of the world. That's the optimistic view of everybody in the world, to become part of the globe and the future. Kids know that. Young people-- teens know that. Why do they want to be suicide bombers? What a hopeless career move... to be blunt about it."

I can't write this without laughing out loud. Oh, those crazy, mixed-up jihadist kids. Why can't they just surf the web, make trans-global pen-pals, and not blow themselves up? I just don't get it.

Mathews' laughable ignorance isn't actually the worst example of American Leftist thought. I mean, they are so shallow that they have absolutely no understanding of other peoples' religions, cultures, prejudices, histories... nothing. Just listen to him, Muslim suicide bombers are just people without cell phones.

I'm not going to analyze all this crap, but it does occur to me that this willful ignorance, which is really prevalent on the American Left-- from Obama right down to the local barrista, seems to come from the illusions that the Left have to hold for the Truth (yes, capital T) of their political views to have any hope of working. Socialism just doesn't work fellas. So the American Left must put their blinders on, believe that anyone who doesn't think like them has some mental defect, and know in their heart-of-hearts that people across the globe are, deep down in their very essence, just Lefty Americans. Just another day in reality-based politics, I guess.

Mathews' climatic conclusion:

"Unfortunately there's a parallel with the African-American kid in the North Philly situation where you grow up... where there's no more factories around. There's no more jobs around. There's no more blue collar options and the only deal they offered you is from the drug dealer. We have this problem at home."

Bwah ha ha ha! Yup. Mathews has compared jihadists with poor Black people. I guess we should really be worried about the poor and jobless Americans (which seem to be exclusively Black according to lily-White Mathews) suddenly rising up, crucifying political rivals, sending out pics of the stacks of bodies, and then blowing themselves up in public places. The parallel's right there folks. Mathews' proven it.

Yup, I gotta go back to checking out MSNBC again. The laughs come more frantically then Monty Python's confuse-a-cat sketch on that station.

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