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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"Obama is the Second-Least-Popular President in 40 Years"

That's according to The Washington Times (h/t Instapundit). Check out the editorial here.

From the editorial, "As the attached chart shows, five presidents rated higher than Mr. Obama after 100 days in office. Ronald Reagan topped the charts in April 1981 with 67 percent approval. Following the Gipper, in order of popularity, were: Jimmy Carter with 63 percent in 1977; George W. Bush with 62 percent in 2001; Richard Nixon with 61 percent in 1969; and George H.W. Bush with 58 percent in 1989.

"It's no surprise the liberal media aren't anxious to point out that their darling is less popular than George W. Bush. But given the Gallup numbers, their hurrahs could be more subdued. USA Today's front page touted the April poll results as positive, with the headline: 'Public thinks highly of Obama.' The current cover of Newsweek magazine ponders 'The Secret of His [Mr. Obama's] Success.' The comparison with previous presidents is useful because they are usually popular during their first few months in office - and most presidents have been more popular than Mr. Obama."

Completed with my all-time least favorite depiction of Obama-- perhaps from the Lenin farmer/scholar collection. Easy stomach...

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