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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Obama Continues March to Nationalize Auto Industry

Check out this article from the AP by Jim Kuhnhenn regarding Obama and Chrysler.

The AP is actually offering an unusual non-cheerleading analysis here. Do you think their confidence in the One is slipping?

Favorite quotes: "'They were hoping that everybody else would make sacrifices, and they would have to make none,' he [Obama] said. 'I don't stand with them.'" Pray tell... just what personal sacrifices is Obama willing to make? After all, now the US government is a major investor in Chrysler. Too bad Obama's not. It's easy to play with money and businesses that you have no stake in.

"Despite the stigma often attached to bankruptcy, Obama took pains to portray it as a positive development. 'This is not a sign of weakness,' he insisted, 'but rather one more step on a clearly charted path to Chrysler's revival.'" Huh... That sounds a lot like talking emptily to your enemies and selling out your allies is a sign of strength. Care to make any bets on if this bankruptcy and government usurpation will be just as successful?

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  1. "After all, now the US government is a major investor in Chrysler. Too bad Obama's not."

    With the government owning GM and Chrysler, maybe Obama is investing in Ford! (see theresmytwocents.com)