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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Turkish Anchor Reports on Obama in Blackface


A Turkish news anchor reported on Obama's visit while in blackface. Check out this post from Althouse. There's a vid-link there and a link to the misnamed blog thinkprogress.org. If you wanna have a little fun, read through thinkprogress' comments. I'm completely convinced that the anchor was trying to "show respect" [sarcasm].

Oh... just as a side note the huge majority of African slaves from 150 - 200 years back were imported, not to Europe, nor European colonies, nor America, but into the Ottoman Empire-- modern day Turkey. I'm not really sure about the specific ins-and-outs of race relations in modern Turkey, but I do know that there's a lot of what we would consider prejudice and racism within the country. I am not sure how this plays into the video.

Their translation of the anchor is "Welcome, Mr. Obama. You took our hearts with your hospitality. We appreciate your kindness. We will do whatever America asks of us, as friends. Now, we ask the same of you." Is it just me, or does that not sound a bit sarcastic while in blackface?

Yeah... well maybe Obama wasn't so well received in Turkey.

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