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Monday, April 27, 2009

The Threat of a Nuclear Iran

Check out Caroline Glick's op/ed article on carolineglick.com.

I've admired Glick's articles for a fair amount of time now. Here she makes a persuasive argument for Israeli military strikes to undo Iran's nuclear ambitions and discusses Obama's fantasy-land linking of Iran and the expansion of the Palestinian State. More chilling, however, are Glick's speculations on the world realities stemming from a nuclear Iran. I highly recommend reading it.

In a world of swine flu, the threat of economic meltdown following cap and trade and idiotic US spending, perhaps we soon won't be able to write off a nuclear armageddon anymore. Oh, but don't worry... Iran is just a small country, after all. And acquiescence to their demands is a sign of our strength.

I'll bet most people didn't think a nuclear Iran was part of the Change that Obama promised...

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