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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

OFA Website Goes Wild

What a day for the Organizing for America website. Where to begin...?

Well let's start with this gem from their site as reported by The Foundry. The OFA seems to be planning a coordinated phone campaign for health care by calling their U.S. Senators on September 11. Right before the script callers are to work from-- "TELL THEM: 'I'm calling from the city of [xxx] - and I AM mad as Hell - and I AM NOT going to take it anymore [way to quote the blithering idiot from Network] , If you don't mind!'"-- is this little gem. "All 50 States are coordinating in this [the phone campaign] – as we fight back against our own Right-Wing Domestic Terrorists who are subverting the American Democratic Process, whipped to a frenzy by their Fox Propaganda Network ceaselessly re-seizing power for their treacherous leaders [emphasis mine].”

Yeah... that went out to the public on the internet. The OFA site this is from has been pulled but The Foundry has provided the screenshot of it.

Rory Cooper of The Foundry offers a sane and calm response to this reprehensible bile spit out by the OFA and I encourage you to read it.

So the OFA believes that:

a) people who disagree with the 1000+ page HR 3200 bill are "Right-Wing Domestic Terrorists." I see somebody's been reading the DHS's Report (remember that way back in April?).
b) voicing opposition to a sweeping bill (the second in a series -- remember Cap & Trade is on the table) being madly rushed through Congress is "subverting the American Democratic Process."

c) news organizations that don't toe the Obama line are "Propaganda Network[s] ceaselessly re-seizing power for their treacherous leaders."

Hmm... Stop me if I'm wrong, but the frenzy I'm most seeing being whipped up is the one OFA is openly calling for with inflammatory language-- "I AM mad as Hell - and I AM NOT going to take it anymore...!"

And next comes this treat from the OFA. Gateway Pundit has this message from the OFA, also regarding their 9/11 phone blitz. (Oops. the OFA also pulled that webpage, but Gateway Pundit once again provided the screenshot.)

Here's the text:


"In case you haven't seen it in the News: Republican Representatives, Senators, GOP Party Leader, GOP Political Machine top personnel (e.g., Gingritch), etc etc etc --- they're ALL every one of them applauding and encouraging their zealot-horde by merrily referring to them as 'Proud Right-Wing Terrorists'. Google it - I'm not pulling your leg.

"But don't hate them: Misguided citizens are easy-pickings for demagogues, whom they blindly follow because they’ve been trained all their lives not to question the dogma of their religion, so it’s natural for them NOT TO QUESTION what’s being spoon-fed to them by their FALSE PROPHETS who, themselves, shamelessly seek Worldly Glory.

"They don’t apply the simple Test: 'Am I being led closer to God, when I do what these folks say? – Or, am I on a Bullet-Train to the Devil, and I’m just a pawn to make these folks richer and more powerful?' Because, you know: the Faith one has in God, is different from faith one should have in Man. And you need to be even MORE skeptical, when one of ‘em says that God picked them for something or another. You can bet whatever they’re doing is making them more powerful/ more wealthy, and certainly less pious, no? Ooops, and following them is making YOU less pious too, in thought, and in deed. Yesseree, it’s a real thing to chew on.

"Just remember: We Are The Super-Heroes Who Yes WE DID, and YES, WE SHALL commence administering Super-Hero Karate Chops, beginning now.

"Oh, and can some of you facebook and tweat this around? I'm not that good at it yet. IF YOU MISS THIS DAY, JUST DO IT OVER THE WEEKEND – IT'LL ALL GET REPORTED TO THE RESPECTIVE SENATORS ON MONDAY, ANYWAY."

Yep... That went out over the internet too.

Super-Hero Karate Chops! OH boy! I'm gonna CHOP me down an Old Man (preferably White) right away! Yay! And the "HEIRS OF BIN LADEN" I didn't know bin Laden had strong feelings about America's health care... Silly me.

If these two pages are any indicator, the OFA plays pretty fast and loose with the rules for capitalization...

There's so much wrong with madly ranting that those who oppose health reform are domestic terrorists etc., so I'm just not going to go there for now. That's fodder for a much longer post later. However, this nonsense is apparently what passes for community organizing in the realm of the Obama's OFA. Demonize the opposition (literally in this case), use inflammatory language to whip followers into frenzy, then set them loose on the public.

Huh? Where has that strategy been used in the past with great success? I would answer, but then I would be accused of being a racist, right-wing, domestic terrorist...

UPDATE: GRRR... I can't get these pics to click to enlarge when I position outside of their default placement at the top of the screen. So the top pic is the one I pulled from The Foundry (the Domestic Terrorist rant) and the second is the one from Gateway Pundit (Karate Chops).

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  1. September 8, Obama takes over America's classrooms.
    September 9, Elmo talks about the recession.
    September 10, ?
    September 11, a Gov't Care phone-a-thon.

    Barack and the Obamatons wants America to think and talk about anything but the obvious.