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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Congressman Schrader's Telephone Town Hall is Buggy Pt. 2

Once again my local congressional rep had a "telephone town hall," and once again the whole thing was buggy. I wish these people would please get their act together...

The event began at 6:00 pm. tonight. I received my phone call from them (the only the way I know of to participate) at 6:25, so I missed half of it. About ten minutes in or so, Congressman Schrader was unable to hear any of the callers and he kind of stumped around for a bit while the technical problem was addressed. He also assured us all that this was the first time this has happened (not so-- his teleconference in August was also buggy).

This is the second telephone town hall I've participated in (out of three that I know of). It is also the second time that I received the call late (this time significantly late), and the second time I was unable to ask a question due to technical problems. At least I could hear it this time...

0 for 2 guys! Not a good average.

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