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Saturday, February 27, 2010

HillBuzz: "Have Democrats Become the Party of Cruelty?"

HillBuzz asks the question: "Have Democrats become the party of Cruelty?" (h/t Anne Leary @ Backyard Conservative)

The HillBuzz blog is a group of Hillary Clinton supporters recently attacked by MoveOn.org and DailyKos. They have endured the intimidation and insults hurled at them by the hard Left of their political party and refused to fall into the lock-step of the Obama march. Not surprisingly, the HillBuzz group seem to have found themselves confronted with some doubts about the direction of the Democratic Party, doubts that I think many people within the Democratic Party share.

"We’ve told you already what we’ve faced in the last two years, really three years now, since we started opposing 'The Lightbringer', Dr. Utopia. In those three years, Leftists have done more harm to us and shown us more evil than Republicans ever did in our first 30 years of life. Some Republicans might not like that we are gay, and might not like that we support the Clintons, but no Republican has ever threatened our lives, libeled us, thrown rocks through our windows, punched us in the face, or sought to deprive us of employment opportunities and ruin our good names. Leftists did all of those things, because we do not support 'The One', oh He of the Hope and the Change.

"The most a Republican ever did was say, 'I’m going to pray for you boys so the Lord straightens you out, and then you’ll get nice wives'. Which, honestly, is kind of sweet, considering the source and knowing the intent was something along the lines of 'I really like you guys and I believe you have been challenged and I am praying for you because I want you to have a happy life like I have so that you can be happy as I am the way I understand happiness'.

"The Left, should you not agree with them, will pound you and hit you and beat you into the ground until you submit. If you won’t ever buckle, they will just seek to destroy you, throwing every possible weapon they can dream up your way.

"It’s impossible for us, at this point, to justify anything the Democrat party does, or to relate to liberal Democrats anymore."

Perhaps more people are waking up to the basic intolerance the Left preaches, an intolerance that is absolutely essential to their political beliefs. Socialism demands conformity. The big government systems that are required by Socialist agendas must be, as close as possible, universal-- otherwise they collapse. Therefore, the political theories of Socialism simply will not work if there is significant dissent. Furthermore, this dissent cannot be merely categorized in the exclusive and elitist way of either "being on the team or off the team," but rather of being on the team or being a direct threat.

Sure, practitioners of other political philosophies attempt to stifle dissent, but in modern American politics the Left is the only politically relevant group where the political philosophy itself is so inflexible that it cannot tolerate dissent. This is one of several basic weaknesses of Socialism.

When HillBuzz states "If we, as moderate/conservative Dems feel this way, we wonder how Independents out there feel," they may be voicing a great emerging concern of Americans across the political spectrum-- concerns that so far have been not just unacknowledged, but actively denied by Congress and the Obama Administration.


  1. Good point, Yukio.

    One thing I have noticed over time about the Democrat Party and Democrat politicians in general is that they seem to exhibit no genuine loyalty. The Hillbuzz folks (I'm guessing) supported Democrat platforms for years, but the minute their feet fell out of lockstep--shazam!--they became the enemy.

    An injury like that will make it difficult for them ever to return to the Democrat fold.

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