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Monday, February 8, 2010

Left Attacks Sarah Palin with Junior High Level Sexual Jokes

Classy, huh?

I've avoided the whole Sarah Palin crib note "controversy" due to a big "who cares?" feeling I get from the "issue." I mean, Right-leaning pundits have attacked Obama relentlessly over his reliance on the teleprompter. And now the Left, desperately grasping at anything as their "light-bringer's" respect and numbers free fall, start ragging on Sarah Palin's writing on her hand.

Big deal. Clifton B at Another Black Conservative has a good and sane write-up if anyone is interested in the crib note issue. "What Palin had written on her palm was the words 'Energy', 'Tax', 'Lift American Spirit' and the word 'budget cuts' crossed out. You cannot believe the absolute firestorm the lefty blogs had over this."

Yes, relying on a teleprompter is different than looking at a few words scribbled on a hand. But my problems with Obama don't extend from the fact that he overuses a teleprompter. My problems with Obama stem from his administration extending Miranda Rights and other Civil Liberties to foreign terrorists, pushing through a massive and completely ineffective $787 billion+ "stimulus" bill / political pay off bill, embarking on a worldwide apology tour, putting forth trillion dollar budgets, further extending federal control over banking, instituting a federal takeover of GM, a push to nationalize and federally regulate health care, completely (and most likely intentionally) misreading and attacking Honduras' legal removal of would be President-for-life Zelaya, appointing a host of unconfirmed and largely unknown "czars" such as self-described Marxist and "truther" Van Jones, etc. All of these issues are a bit weightier than Obama's over reliance on a teleprompter.

So if the Left wants to go after Palin over something as trivial as a few words scribbled on her palm, so what? There is no doubt in my mind that she can handle that.

Well, as Jacobson at Legal Insurrection pointed out members of the Left have crossed way over the line and shown a sexist hand.

From Jacobson:

"I'm talking about the impulse in the Democratic base to use a non-sexual situation to sexualize and demean a female politician. Hillary had to deal with it. And there is a long history of sexist treatment of Palin, including the Newsweek cover last November.Today, the story was a play on Palin giving a 'hand job':

"Democratic Underground - I say we call it the 'Sarah Palin Hand Job'

He notes that " Blue Lyon has collected some foul comments from popular 'progressive' blogs and forums, and sums it up with this:

"'Way to go progs. The "Progressive" blogosphere needs to get their heads out of their junior high asses (no offense meant to junior high kids) and get smart. But I am not holding my breath.'"

This nonsense is way over the line. Yes, Palin can handle this too. That's not the issue. The obvious sexism exhibited by the Left toward any woman seen as an opponent is the issue. Jacobson addresses this, points out Hillary Clinton's (not my favorite politician by any means) own belittlement. Any additions of my own would just echo Jacobson's own distaste. It's juvenile, sexist, and ridiculous.

What bothers me as well, is how low brow all of this is. Sexualizing this "issue" is gratuitous in the worst sense of the word, and far below what I expect of adults outside of Happy Hour. What's most troubling is this is what more and more of mainstream politics have been reduced to. We have had the "tea-bagger" jokes on CNN et al, and now we have the "hand job" jokes. The Left has been reduced to name calling to try to push their shoddily thought out agendas and now the media is giddily echoing their childish taunts.

This junk must end. Time to grow up.


  1. In power, out of power. They just can't help themselves.

  2. In "prog" land, liberals can say things about Sarah Palin that they would never be able to get away with in other circumstances, drunk or sober, in or out of the gutter. They'd be called on their obscene remarks immediately and mercilessly. With Palin, it's a different story, and every sexist and misogynist gets a free pass to a verbal field day, revealing an extreme level of hypocrisy among liberal "feminists."

    Feminists my foot.