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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hiatus Update

When I put up the hiatus notice a couple of days ago, I was simply undergoing a mild case of "blogger depression." I felt I needed a little time away from politics and other gloomy matters, so that I could re-focus on my writing for a time.

Well, the very next day I received news that a close family member in California (my brother-in-law) is very ill. He is recovering from an emergency medical procedure and is currently in intensive care.

I have known my brother-in-law for over twenty-five years. He married my sister when I was in grade school, and I grew up regarding him as a big brother. We were very close. He has always been an intrinsic part of my family since becoming part of it. He is genuinely the most jovial and friendliest person that I have ever met-- and I say that as a truthful statement and not hyperbole. It is my great fortune (and telling of his character) that I have nothing but warm memories and thoughts regarding him.

If you are so inclined, please include him in your prayers.

I will be back posting soon. I cannot give a specific date as it will depend on how quickly, and if, he recovers. I hope to be back within a week.

Thank you,
Yukio Ngaby

UPDATE: Terrific news! My brother-in-law seems to be recovering quite well from his operation. He is conscious, talking, and even sitting up in the hospital bed. And there's talk of moving him out of the ICU.

While not exactly a miracle, his recovery and improvement over a very short time (36 hrs. or so) has surprised everybody including the medical staff. In the space of two days, things have gone from dire, to cautiously optimistic, to fully optimistic. Wow, things can move quick.

If everything continues to improve, I'll be back to regularly posting in three or four days. Let me also give a special thanks to the people who have offered me kind and comforting words in the comments section and by e-mail. They are all very much appreciated. Thank you.

UPDATE 2: My brother-in-law is still in the hospital, but out of the ICU. He may even be going home sometime relatively soon!


  1. I and everyone at GP have him in our thoughts and prayers.

  2. Very grateful that your brother-in-law is recovering. (Prayers being offered.)

    And looking forward to your return to your blog.