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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Is this the 2012 Election Map?

UnSkewedPolls.com is running this map as their assessment of the presidential race (h/t Hillbuzz). I think it's a pretty accurate prediction. Kevin DuJan at HillBuzz believes they're being too pessimistic, and predicts that New Mexico and an additional EV from Maine will add to the total. He also reminds us that Michigan and Pennsylvania are in play, and could got to Romney. It's certainly possible and I hope DuJan's correct.

In my deepest pessimism, I fear that Obama could take Colorado and even Wisconsin. This drops Romney to 282 and raises Obama to 256. Of course that's my worst case scenario barring something huge (yes, bigger than Sandy) turning Obama's way-- and I see nothing to suggest that. So it really doesn't matter. Obama loses any way I look at it, and that's what matter.

The academic Leftist in charge has spent four years driving this country straight into the ground, while simultaneously prying people apart according to class and race. Nobody-- except the hard Left-- wants to endure another four years of that. Obama has to go.

Of course this comes with the normal reminder that we do not stop running until after the finish line-- probably then some in this case. Obama has a small legion of lawyers ready to contest the vote if it's remotely close. We have to prepare for that. I would not be worrying about this with any other post WWII president, but Obama has proven himself repeatedly to be one who is willing to play the dirtiest of politics, to lie most brazenly, and to indulge in the most partisan of attacks. I don't think the results will be close enough for him to dispute, but...

And by the way, Gallup is reporting that the election is running at GOP +3 regarding party affiliation, and not the Dem +12 that it was at in 2008. Yup, that's right. There's been a 15 point swing in four years. Not exactly a shocker if we recall the 2010 elections. I guess, the "blame the Republicans in Congress for all ills" meme that the Dems and MSM have been pushing for the past two years didn't work. Go figure.

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