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Monday, October 29, 2012

Leaked E-mails Suggest Green Energy Grants were Political Payback

File this under: "Really? Do you think?"

From The Complete Colorado article by Todd Shepherd (h/t Gateway Pundit):

"Recent remarks by President Obama to a Denver-based TV anchor stand in stark contrast to new emails obtained by CompleteColorado.com.

"This past Friday, President Obama told KUSA's Kyle Clark, in response to a question on the federally-backed but failed Colorado company Abound Solar, 'And these are decisions, by the way, that are made by the Department of Energy (DOE), they have nothing to do with politics.'

"And just one year ago, White House advisor David Plouffe had this exchange with NBC's David Gregory regarding the political questions surrounding many of the DOE-backed projects:

Were campaign contributors involved here in terms of their projects that ultimately forced the government's hand?

Absolutely not. These decisions about the loan program were made by career officials in the Department of Energy on the merits.

"CompleteColorado.com has obtained emails that seem to directly contradict Plouffe's answer, and also challenge the President's notion that the DOE's loan decisions were universally autonomous within the agency. The emails also lend even more credence to the theory that the loan to Abound Solar was political payback to Colorado's wealthy Democratic benefactor and Gang-of-Four member, Pat Stryker."

Is it really surprising that a Chicago politician is engaging in political payoff? I mean sure the numbers of dollars is pretty high, but this is the president who has spent money at astronomical levels for the past 4 years. Obama has taken the concept of both government spending and political payoff to another level.

Be sure to view the e-mails themselves at the link at the top to CompleteColorado.com.

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