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Monday, October 1, 2012

Jobs Under Obama's "Recovery" Chart

Obama inherited a weak economy. He endlessly reminds us of this. Yet, Obama's response was to push through a near trillion dollar stimulus political payoff, push through the unpopular ObamaCare mandate tax, and play a lot of golf. Amazingly, none of this seemed to help the economy much.

After four years of Obama, we have median household incomes dropping 8%, rising health insurance premiums, rising unemployment, and skyrocketing gas prices. Of course, this is just for starters. We can go on to talk about Solyndra, the GM UAW bailout, and many other crony capitalist policies. And this also doesn't cover Obama's foreign policies whose main strategy seems to consist of betraying our allies, especially Israel, and emboldening our enemies.

And Obama wants us to take four more years of this?

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