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Friday, October 5, 2012


Yeah sure, the entire Obama presidency has been a huge bust-- the economy is in the tank, median household income is dropping, gas prices skyrocketing, the cost of food increasing, etc. ObamaCare ObamaTax is set to kick in soon and it hasn't magically become more popular. Plus, Romney did put the hurt on Obama in the debate viewed by 63 million people. But the real clincher is that the chia people are releasing a CHIA HEAD ROMNEY! Was there a chia head McCain? I don't think so. There wasn't even a chia head Sarah Palin for MSNBC and Journolist to spit on. So if there's a chia head Romney this time... well need I go on?

Yeah, yeah... there's still the chia head Obama, but they're all just leftovers from 2008. And yeah, yeah... there's a chia head Ron Paul (I bought one as a gift for my brother's shrine to Ron Paul in his house; and yes, I admit I bought a chia head Obama for my in-laws' backyard shrine to our current president), but even the chia people know that Paul's just a quick seller for his devotees.

Nope. Chia Romney is the dead give away.

Chi chi chi chia... and God bless America!

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