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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

ADP Jobs Report Shows "Unexpected" Weak Gains... Again

The Light-bringer shall lead you to golden fields of weeds, feed you on food stamps and heal you with rationed health care guaranteed to reduce the average lifespan of Americans-- until we start redefining the term lifespan and such. But jobs... well, that's for greedy parasites who didn't build that and stuff...

Why are all these dismal job reports "unexpected?" I am so tired of hearing that word. It's like we're one of the moles in the whack-a-mole game and we keep "unexpectedly" get hit with a mallet.

The Breitbart piece by Mike Flynn:

Payroll firm ADP reported Wednesday that the economy gained just 166k jobs in September, far below economists' expectations of a 180k gain. ADP also revised down its estimate of August job gains from over 170k to just 159k.  

Because of the government shutdown, the Labor Department will not report its estimate of non-farm payrolls on Friday. As a result, the ADP report will be the only gauge of the labor market available in the near-term. The ADP report only surveys private sector employment, so its numbers often diverge from the Labor Department report. The overall trends, however, tend to be consistent.  
The ADP report suggests a further cooling in hiring. The top-line number was well below expectations and the downward revision in August job gains indicate an economy stuck in a holding pattern. The economy needs to gain around 200k jobs a month to keep pace with population growth.  
As ObamaCare takes root in the nation's economy, the monthly jobs data will become increasingly important as it may indicate signs of the impact of the health care law on the economy. The largest jobs growth last month were in firms that employed fewer than 50 employees, the threshold that triggers ObamaCare. If that trend continues, it will be a sign that ObamaCare is reshaping the nation's labor market.

Obama's economic theories do not work. He is a community organizer, i.e. someone who points the blame at people's problems on politically correct or convenient targets. He is not a businessman, nor he has he created job one-- neither prior to his presidency nor after it. Remember there has been a net loss of jobs since Obama took over. This guy's an incompetent... totally out of his depth. And we have three more years of this blithering fool.

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