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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

OFA Protest Against Tea Party Draws Fewer than Two Dozen

Quite the crowd. The Light-bringer is most disappointed. (Pic via Charlie Spiering's twitter)


The OFA is showing their true popularity. I bet this won't be covered by the MSM.

From The Washington Free Beacon:

Less than two dozen people have shown up for a government shutdown protest Tuesday sponsored by President Obama’s dark money group Organizing for Action, according to Politico’s Reid Epstein. 
The protest, held on the Capitol steps, is part of the organization’s “Budget shutdown Day of Action.” According to Epstein, the event has been sparsely attended, with just 23 attendees. The Washington Examiner’s Charlie Spiering reported 16 attendees a half-hour into the event.

Epstein described the protest in a report Monday as OFA’s “first attempt to stage a large rally at the Capitol.”

Let's remember that this was described as an anti-Tea Party protest by the OFA.

From Politico:

Organizing for Action is holding a “Budget shutdown Day of Action event” at noon Tuesday at the reflecting pool west of the Capitol. 
“Tuesday is the start of the third week of the government shutdown,” OFA wrote in a message to supporters. “With every day that passes, these members of Congress need to feel more pressure from the constituents who sent them to Washington. Millions of Americans across the country are feeling the effects of the shutdown — and it’s only getting worse.” 
OFA executive director Jon Carson tweeted Monday urging supporters to “Come join OFA at an event tomorrow to say #EnoughAlready to the #TeaPartyShutdown.” [emphasis mine]

It just seems a little strange for the OFA, who reside at barackobama.com, to be staging a protest against the Tea Party. As Iowahawk wittily put it: "In Soviet America, government protests you"


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