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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Poll: Less Than 1 in 5 Believe ObamaCare Will Help Families

"You folks don't understand the thousands of pages of this law! You folks don't know what's best for you! We know what's best! And I'll shut down the government to prove it! Well, me and Harry Reid..."

These numbers about ObamaCare have been consistently bad. But the Democrats cling ot it since they basically sold their souls to pass a doomed law that will be a disaster before it collapses.

From The Hill (h/t Instapundit):

A small percentage of people in the United States say they think President Obama’s healthcare law will help their families.  
In a CNN/ORC International poll released Tuesday, less than one in five people say Obamacare will make them and their families better off. About 40 percent say it will make them worse off, or will have no effect at all.  
The poll was released the same day a key element of the Affordable Care Act took effect, and the same day the federal government shut down.  
Signed into law in 2010, and ruled constitutional by the Supreme Court in 2012, ObamaCare now allows Americans to enroll in insurance exchanges. 
Most of the law’s components, however, don’t actually take effect until 2014.

This is really important. As bad as the effects of ObamaCare is now, it was designed to really kick in after the 2014 elections. There is a still a ton more to come-- and all the "goodies" that were front-loaded into the law have already gone into effect. What? You noticed no goodies? Yeah. That's how bad this law is. The goodies had basically zero effect on the average person. Brace yourselves for 2014.

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