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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Hey Everyone! There Will Be Absolutely No Fishing in Sochi's Toilets! Thank You

Pic from Breitbart Post

Yeah. Okay.

And what exactly is that one next to the no fishing supposed to depict? Is it a "no partying with a roach in the toilet stall" sign?

From Elizabeth Sheld at Breitbart:

Canadian snowboarder Sebastien Toutant arrived in Russia before the Olympic Games to find a list of rules posted in the bathrooms. Among forbidden activities is fishing.  
While the list of dos and don’ts includes some reasonable tips in aid of promoting good hygiene - not standing up, being sick or squatting above the toilet being used - you might be forgiven for thinking the chart's designers had ran out of ideas when they got to the last two rules.

And to think I was little worried about these games. Clearly, the Russian authorities have thought of everything.

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