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Friday, February 7, 2014

Snow Edition: Updated with Photo

We got about two inches of snow here in Salem yesterday. This means that the local drivers immediately forget how to drive and then slam into one another. Furthermore, this means drivers forget where the border between the street and my front yard is. I'm now waiting for the power to go out, which is a part of the usual pattern.

So, I will be busy for a while and might not be posting today. Hopefully things will resolve themselves, but maybe not.

Yukio Ngaby


Okay, we've now had about 7 inches of snow total. That's a lot for us. It's still no biggie, but we're supposed to get freezing rain tonight and tomorrow. That can cut the power for a lot of us as tree branches fall down.

Anyway, it's quite pretty right now.

Here's a shot from my backyard:

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