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Friday, February 28, 2014

NBC Headlines Chinese News Service Using Racial Slur While Russians Head into Ukraine

It's good to know they have priorities.

From NBC News:

An official Chinese government news service lobbed a racial slur at outgoing U.S. Ambassador Gary Locke, calling the third-generation Chinese-American a "rotten banana" — an Asian with Western values. 
"When a banana sits out for long, its yellow peels will always rot, not only revealing its white core but also turning into the stomach-churning color of black," the China News Service editorial said, according to the Associated Press.
The invective shocked some members of the Chinese public, who have applauded Locke in the past, and the State Department declined to respond to the rhetoric.

A racial slur from the Chinese?! No! Really?!

Why the next thing you know, somebody will talk about how Blacks have been known to use the word Oreo in a similar fashion! Will these revelations never end?

Seriously, NBC has nothing better to headline on the MSN homepage today?

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