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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Black GOP Candidate's Ad Vandalized with Racial Graffiti

Pic from Breitbart article linked below

Looks like someone was straying off the Dem's definition of what it means to be Black again...

From Breitbart:

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., July 2 (UPI) --Florida Republican congressional candidate Gloreatha "Glo" Scurry-Smith tweeted a picture of one of her campaign signs Sunday that had been subject to racist vandalism. 
The vandal spray-painted Smith's face white. Smith, who discovered the sign in Jacksonville, said she expected signs to be tampered with, but didn't expect anything to that degree.  
"Throughout this entire incident, I go back to Martin Luther King's comment that 'we look forward to a time when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character,'" Smith told the National Review.

But King's view is the antithesis of the modern Left's belief on race. Weird, huh?

Let's all remember that if you don't support high unemployment rates among Blacks, high crime rates in Black neighborhoods, high abortion rates, and don't always vote Democrat, then you're not really Black.

Plus if you don't possess the basic belief that Blacks just generally cannot perform as well as Whites in academia or in the job market, then you're a racist.

Funny how that works...

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