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Friday, July 18, 2014

CNN Reporter Calls Israelis Scum Via Twitter

Long gone are the days when CNN was known as "the most trusted name in news." I haven't watched the station with any sense of trust since about the time of Hurricane Katrina.

From Breitbart:

During her on-air report, Magnay [CNN reporter Diana Magnay] pointed out the trail of rockets that could be seen leaving Israeli positions to take out Hamas. "I think you can probably see there are lots of Israelis gathered around who are cheering when they see these kinds of Israeli strikes," she noted. It was a scene that was "macabre," Magnay insisted.  
On Twitter Magnay was shocked at those Israelis she saw that morning cheering the rockets' red glare: "Israelis on hill above Serdot cheer as bombs land on Gaza; threaten to 'destroy our car if I say a word wrong'. Scum." 
Magnay deleted her tweet only minutes later.

Nice to see such mature and unbiased reporting within the mainstream media.

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