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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Ukraine Military Plane Shot Down; Russia Most Likely Suspect

From the BBC News:
A Ukrainian military transport aircraft has been shot down in the east, amid fighting with pro-Russian separatist rebels, Ukrainian officials say. 
They say the An-26 plane was hit at an altitude of 6,500m (21,325ft). 
The plane was targeted with "a more powerful missile" than a shoulder-carried missile, "probably fired" from Russia. The crew survived, reports say. 
Russia has made no comment. Separately, Nato reported a Russian troop build-up near the Ukraine border. 
A Nato official confirmed to the BBC that the alliance had observed a significant increase of Russian troops, bringing their number to up to 12,000.

There's been a fair amount of fighting in the eastern parts of Ukraine-- not that we're hearing a much about from the media. Well, I'm sure that Obama's and the State Department's rhetoric about Putin not behaving as a 21st Century gentleman is very comforting. Poland should rest easy from that. Uh, right...

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