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Friday, January 30, 2009

According to MSNBC We're All Pigs

Finkelblog.com found this little bit of wonderful journalism from MSNBC's Morning Joe. The hostess Mika Brzezinski's response to criticism of a proposed tax on cigarettes and soda pop was "No. We’re a bunch of pigs. We need some guidelines." Article at Finkelblog.com plus clip here.

Is it just me or this idea of government as a moral compass just getting out of hand. I wrote a post on this earlier, but this "pigs" business is just rubbing me the wrong way. Since when is it the government's purpose to legislate morality? Do you really want people of a politician's character to impose moral authority on the country? Are laws not supposed to reflect the moral will of the people? When did a government of the people transition into the people's shepherd?

I think this comment shows the overall contempt that people in the mainstream media hold for the common person. We NEED guidance. We NEED to be told what's best for us. This is an undeniably elitist attitude and should not be tolerated.

Write a letter to MSNBC. Let these people know how you feel. Write a letter to their commercial sponsors. Let them know what's being said and how it reflects on their product and image. Both of mine are in the mail.

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