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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Emergency Stimulus? Part 2

When taking a closer look at the "stimulus" bill, another remarkable thing sticks out. Well-observed in this National Review article, link here, is when this "hurry up, we don't have a moment to lose" stimulus package will stimulate.We need to hurry up, don't bother reading it-- this is an emergency, and pass this sweeping bill that spends more money than anything else in the history of mankind so that it can kick in next year in 2010. Seriously? As noted in the article, most recessions run their course in a year or two, anyway. This "stimulus" isn't scheduled to kick into high gear until the recession would most likely be almost over anyway.
The difficulty for me is to think that the white house and its people don't know this already. From the National Review article are the programs scheduled for $10 billion+:

"$20.0 billion to increase the maximum benefit under the Supplemental Nutrition Assurance Program (i.e., Food Stamps)
$18.5 billion for energy efficiency and renewable energy programs
$20.4 billion for programs administered by the Department of health and Human Services
$20.0 billion to renovate elementary and secondary schools
$17.6 billion for Pell grants and other student financial assistance at post-secondary institutions
$29.1 billion for other elementary and secondary educational programs
$30.0 billion for highway construction
$13.1 billion for other transportation programs
$11.2 billion for housing assistance programs administered by HUD
$19.5 billion (minimum, could be higher, as per Title XIII) for education grants to states
$27.1 billion for increase unemployment benefits
$13.3 billion to increase health insurance for unemployed workers
$11.1 billion for 'Other Unemployment Compensation'
$20.2 billion for Medicaid and Medicare incentive payments to encourage providers to improve healthcare IT
What does this sound like to you? It sounds to me like a wish list for the left wing of the Democratic Party."

Does any of this really sound like it will save the economy? Don't be fooled. This is not stimulus. It is pork. It is a blatant attempt to further build big federal government by exploiting the unreasonable panic from a recession, ironically, brought on mostly by federal government intervention.

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