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Monday, January 19, 2009



This is a moment full of firsts-- my first blog, my first entry, etc. I'm excited and I hope you'll forgive the type-os, bad grammar, amd misspellings that may follwo.

What I hope to do in this blog is discuss and/or examine various topics that interest me, within fields that interest me-- namely literature, politics, history, philosophy, and the interelationships that develop or are inherent between them. I don't hold myself to this vague and pretentious mission statement. I want, much like a written story, for the blog to develop according what I feel it wants to do. I don't want this to be an exercise in stress relief, nor some kind of confessional. Much like writing a story, I want this blog to be driven by my curiosity.

As with so many who have come before me, I hope that I'll post entries reasonably often (at least everyday), but I am reasonably sure that these currently honest words will prove to be more hopeful than realistic. I promise to try.

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