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Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Moral High Ground

Cute. The Left is showing us how they intend to enact Obama's inaugural call "to end the petty grievances" by calling columnist/blogger Michelle Malkin a whore.

Yeah, we knew it's all empty rhetoric, but proven so soon? Disagree with Obama do you? Well let's check the list. If you're white: you're a racist. If you're not: you're a sell out. And if you're a woman then we add-on whore.

Link to her page is here:

From the Huffington Post by way of Malkin's website:

"Michelle Malkin Doesn’t Care About Black People

To mark the day, Michelle Malkin kept a whimsical inauguration cliché count, supposedly monitoring utterances of the 'First black president in American history' and 'We are witnessing history.'
Michelle didn’t hide her contempt for all this attention being paid to Obama or for the credit he’s getting for being our first black president. [emphasis mine] She also made space on her blog to point out that no one in the media was covering how Obama inauguration celebrant Jay-Z often uses the word “nigga.” Then she uploaded a video on her site to prove it and sniffed, 'And you wonder why some of us don’t believe MLK’s dream has been completely fulfilled …'
Now, many of you may be wondering why someone who is of Asian decent would be so antagonistic toward Obama and his background. And while Michelle may be a whore for the far-right — and she is certainly being a good one by discounting this momentous event — it still gives us pause. While most whores love to bring joy to people, it seems this one only seeks to spread hate."

Personal attacks-- the hallmark of the politics of tolerance. Now, I know Malkin can take these petty assaults but this is still way below the belt. And for what? For keeping "a whimsical inauguration cliche count." That's what! Everything else is presumed. "Spread hate"? Are you kidding me?

Tolerance, huh? Man, I hate hypocrites.

By the way, I love this line: "...the credit he's getting for being our first black president"? What is Obama supposed to get credit for? Being black? If we're celebrating that a black man can be elected president shouldn't the voters get the credit for his election and not the candidate? What are we supposed to be celebrating that Obama's black and president or that voters are willing to vote for a man regardless (or because of) his race?

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