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Friday, May 1, 2009

Obama Imagery vs. Obama Reality

Yeah... Not so much the light-bringer with that pick there. Don't you hate it when ugly reality intrudes?


  1. Can you imagine how nice it must be to have 90 percent of the media, professors and cultural elite in the country spinning everything you say or do in the most positive way possible. (And if positive spin is not possible then just flat out lying.) Liberals don't realize that they are their own worst enemies. They blow so much smoke up each others asses, that they have no idea how ridiculous they actually look to the real world, without the constant image airbrushing they become so accustomed to.

  2. The problem is when the real world starts to believe them. A sad fact is that marketing often times works. I mean MTV became the voice young America everywhere in the '80s or so. MTV? A bunch of execs peddling fruit twizzlers and pimple creams?

    Still, I'm hopeful that you're right. Sometimes you just have to place your faith in people. I think people are pretty smart. It's just a matter of people standing up and being unafraid of media ridicule. And that's a tough thing honestly.