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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Added New Blog! Fuzzy Logic!

I've added a new blog to the Blog List. Check out the Fuzzy Logic blog.

Fuzzy's one of the ladies behind the Potluck blog. She's opinionated. She's been described by another as feisty (I'm not sure if that's condescending or not, I'm wavering on that). And she has a drawing of herself walking along with giant bananas on her feet while a trio of cats watch. I do not understand that last one-- but I guess I don't have to.

Although I do not agree with her on a number of issues, she's clearly smart and her blog's well worth a visit.

Of course, Fuzzy Logic has been added onto the Blog List.


  1. Thank you (I think, heh). Seriously, though, as one feisty, opinionated blogger to another, I'm thrilled to be added to your blog roll. I've enjoyed your posts here and your comments over at Potluck a great deal and will one day tell you about the banana shoes. ;)

  2. My thanks.

    You'll tell me about the banana shoes and the bewildered looking cats?

  3. heh, yes, if you wish, I'll tell you about the banana shoes and bewildered (I like to think of them as mesmerized) cats.