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Friday, March 26, 2010

Surgery Soon: Offline for a While

Well, I'm going in for my minor surgery early next week. I'm supposed to avoid stress (bad timing there), so I'm going to be offline for a while and avoiding the news and politics for that time as well. I be should be out for at least two - two 1/2 weeks, as I recover. It's nothing major, but it will be a rather unpleasant experience that should hopefully get me back to good health.

In the meantime, check out any of the links on the Blog List for great sites, and keep up the protests against this monstrous health care law. Don't let the media and the Left shame you into losing your voice. Keep it up! And remember we can beat their idiocy!

Talk to you in about two weeks or so,
Yukio Ngaby


  1. What, us worry?

    Prayers for your quick return to health.

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  3. And another comment with a link to an Asian posrn site... Geez. What is up with these?