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Monday, March 15, 2010

Valerie Jarrett and Indian Magazine Editor Celebrate Obama's "Womanly Leadership"

It had to happen. Identity politics makes it inevitable, I suppose.

Check out this moronic exchange between Valerie Jarrett (Obama's BFF and the "ultimate insider" according to the New York Times) and Indian magazine editor Shoma Chaudhury at Michelle Malkin's website.

Here's a transcript of the vid below, but watch the vid at Malkin's site-- it's not the same to just read these words.

Chaudhury: The criticism of the Obama administration seems to be particularly “male,” you know? When you say ‘why aren’t you fighting back, why aren’t you policing?’ I think we’ve been talking about having women in leadership positions, and Obama’s attitude to leadership is really a very womanly one, you know, which is consensual, which is thought through, which calms the temperature down of the world, and it’s very important to remember that, you know.

Jarrett: Thank you.

Chaudhury: Yesterday, Barbara Walters kept asking, ‘Should we police the world? You know, are we doing this? Should America fix it?’ And, I think, you know, I’m from India, and we really respect, uh, the Obama administration, purely for changing the way people speak, for changing the discourse of the world, and for bringing the temperature down, you know. This is a womanly leadership.”

Jarrett: Thank you. I’m going to tell him you said that. I think he’ll be very pleased to hear that that’s how you describe it. And I think I’m going to use that in terms of taking the temperature down. Because it has to come down if you are actually going to listen to one another, you have to take a lot of the heat out of the discourse. I think he’s very good at doing that, thank you.


Aside from insulting women during this moronic exchange with shallow generalizations regarding about half the human population on the planet, I am also amused by the rhetoric about "bringing down the temperature." Yeah, right. By attempting to shove ObamaCare through Congress. That sure has brought the temperature down. Oh yeah, and by declaring war on Fox News... another cooling political move. Or, as Malkin points out, the “Punch back twice as hard” and Shut up and get out of the way rhetoric. Real accommodating.


  1. Yep, the temperature is definitely down. We are living in tranquility and enjoying our dear leader's magnificent, womanly leadership.

    Hmph! When has this country been this divided? This near collapse? Not in my lifetime, perhaps not since the Civil War.

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