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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Did the Kremlin Issue an Ultimatum to Ukrainian Forces?

"The Light-bringer shall handle this as He handles all of His crises... laying the blame on others, vaguely claim bullying or racism,  and acting put upon and miffed. Problem solved. And I'm pretty sure that an obscure YouTube video caused all this."

That seems to be the claim, at least according to The Telegraph.

From The Telegraph article by Damien McElroy and Bruno Waterfield:

Russia has issued a series of ultimatums for Ukrainian forces in Crimea to surrender and disarm by this morning or risk coming under attack, the new government in Kiev said last night. 
As Russian fighters buzzed Ukraine’s borders, the Kremlin defied international pressure to back off and instead turned the screw on its neighbour.  
President Vladimir Putin visited military units deployed near Russia’s frontier with Ukraine, where they are conducting “exercises”. The defence ministry in Kiev said the country had been on the receiving end of a series of hostile acts, including incursions by Russian jets flying along its northern border with Belarus. 
European Union foreign ministers meeting in Brussels condemned Russia’s “act of aggression” in occupying Crimea and said that sanctions would be “considered” unless Russia took “de-escalating steps”.  
A Russian ship broadcast appeals to surrender to Ukrainian vessels anchored off Sevastopol. The appeal, blasted through loudspeakers, urged the Ukrainian sailors to lay down their arms, but did not appear to set a deadline. 
The Russian defence ministry adamantly denied that any surrender ultimatums had been delivered, claiming that the reports were “complete nonsense”. 
Russia’s effective seizure of Crimea has proceeded without a shot being fired, partly because Ukrainian forces in the region have offered no resistance.  
On Sunday, Russian troops began blockading Ukrainian military units inside their bases, but demanding their surrender increases the risk of a violent clash. Last night, the US state department said that any such demands would be a “dangerous escalation”.

It seems that the Obama Administration's reaction of being alternatively snide, bemused and condescending is having little effect on Russia. Go figure.

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