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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Israeli Defense Chief: U.S. Projecting Weakness



Yeah, no kidding.

From Reuters:

Israel's defense minister has accused the United States of projecting weakness internationally and said Israel could not rely on its main ally to take the lead in confronting Iran over its nuclear program.  
Moshe Yaalon, whose remarks were reported in the Haaretz daily on Tuesday, caused friction with the United States only two months ago when he described Secretary of State John Kerry's quest for Israeli-Palestinian peace as messianic and obsessive. 
His latest comments, confirmed by an Israeli official who was present at lecture Yaalon delivered at Tel Aviv University on Monday, displayed deep disappointment with U.S. President Barack Obama's handling of burning world issues. 
"We had thought it would be the United States that would lead the campaign against Iran," said Yaalon, who pointed to the Ukraine crisis as an example of Washington "showing weakness".  
Iran and six world powers will try to make headway on the nuclear dispute in talks that started in Vienna on Tuesday, with Western officials hoping the challenge will not be made even more difficult by the Ukraine crisis. 
Yaalon said that although "people know Iran cheats", the United States and other nations chose to negotiate with Tehran on restricting activities they fear are aimed at developing atomic arms. 
"Therefore, on this matter, we have to behave as though we have nobody to look out for us but ourselves," Yaalon said, echoing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's veiled threats of unilateral military action against Iran if diplomacy fails.

If diplomacy fails? It's pretty much a foregone conclusion, since Iran is absolutely dedicated to having nuclear weapons and the Obama Administration has pretty much resolved itself to accept that demand.

Obama the amateur has screwed up the world in ways that most Americans do not understand. Hugely important geopolitical realignments have taken place in the last fiver years due to Obama's inattention. Indeed Obama has been so obsessed in punishing domestic "enemies," dictating laws issuing executive orders, and passing extremely unpopular and invasive laws, that he has little time for the rest of the world. And it shows.

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