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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Obama's Approval Rating Drops Again

"It's the GOP's fault! It's racism! It's the European debt crisis! It's Bush's fault! It's Putin's fault! It's those tea-baggers' fault! It's..."

Boy, this is getting awfully familiar. I suppose Obama is just too smart and too enlightened for the likes of silly little us.

From FoxNews.com:

President Obama’s job approval rating hits a record low this week, as a majority of Americans say his administration has mostly failed at growing the economy ["mostly!" I wonder what a complete failure looks like... Trillions of dollars spent to create record unemployment, record numbers of homeless and a dropping GDP? Oh, wait...], creating jobs, improving health care and the country’s image. 
That’s according to a Fox News poll released Wednesday.
For the first time in a Fox News poll, fewer than four voters in ten -- 38 percent -- approve of President Obama’s job performance. Fifty-four percent disapprove. Before now Obama’s worst job rating was 40-55 percent in November 2013. Last month 42 percent approved and 53 percent disapproved (February 2014).  
Approval of Obama among Democrats stands at 71 percent, near its 69 percent record low (September 2013). For independents, 28 percent approve, which is also near the 25 percent all-time low among this group (July 2013). And approval of Obama among Republicans hits a new low of five percent. 
Overall, a 59-percent majority thinks the White House has mostly failed at creating jobs, up from 52 percent who said the same in October 2012. Likewise, 56 percent feel it has failed on growing the economy. That’s also up from 52 percent. 
The greatest erosion is on improving America’s image around the world -- something Obama vowed to do once in office. In 2012, by a four percentage-point margin, voters felt the administration had failed to improve the country’s image. In the new poll that’s now a 26-point margin: 33 percent say mostly succeeded and 59 percent mostly failed.  
On health care, 36 percent say the administration has improved it, while 57 percent think it has failed to do so.

Keep it up, Obama! And for the rest of this we can live for the day where we have to clean up the epic trash pile that is the Obama presidency. And all the while listen to these people snivel, complain, and act bemused at our efforts as we work. It's the American Leftist way!

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