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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Obama's Dept. of Interior Knew World War II Veterans Would Be Locked Out

"Hey, hey! Do you remember when I deliberately locked out WWII veterans from the memorials? Good times..."

Because Obama wanted to make it hurt. And to hurt the right people.

From the NRO article by Jillian Kay Melchior:

 The Department of the Interior knew beforehand that two groups of aging veterans would be visiting the World War II Memorial as the partial government shutdown began on Oct. 1 but decided to barricade the site anyway, according to e-mails obtained by National Review Online. 
The newly released public records also show National Park Service employees busily monitoring the news for any bad publicity and making shutdown exceptions for their co-workers. 
On Sept. 30, staff from the offices of Senator Tom Harkin (D., Iowa) and Representative Steven Palazzo (R., Miss.) contacted the Department of the Interior's Office of Congressional Affairs, as well as the National Park Services Washington Office and at least one regional office. 
Tom Buttry, a legislative correspondent in Harkin's office, wrote on Sept. 30:
While I understand that these memorials have remained accessible to the public during past shutdowns (I'd imagine with the mall being so open, it'd probably [be] more manpower intensive to try to completely close them), I wanted to do my due diligence and make 100 percent sure that people could visit the outdoor memorials on the National Mall in the event of a shutdown.
The Department of the Interior and National Park Service decided instead to fully shut down the site, e-mails show 
The aftermath was widely reported: The visiting veterans defied the barricades, crossing to visit the site as bagpipes played and onlookers cheered.

Bravo Department of Interior! Punish those wicked enemies of the state! And then blame it all on Congress!

I think that there isn't a a depth that the Obama Administration is unwilling to sink to. Three more years of deliberate harm from our executive branch! I can't wait for what else they're going to come up with...

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