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Monday, October 13, 2014

Is Obama's Competence a Factor in Mid-Term Elections?

"Someday all the folks will see how good they had it under my rule. Folks like Democratic bundlers, unions, Washington bureaucrats, and golf caddies."

The answer is, of course, yes.

From The Washington Free Beacon (video at link):

USA Today Washington Bureau Chief Susan Page said the sense that the Obama administration is “not competent to protect the American people” is a “big factor” going into the midterm elections. 
“Both of these stories, the Ebola virus and the threat from ISIS are feeding into a sense that Americans have that the world is not only a dangerous place but the government is not competent to handle them,” Page told Face the Nation on Sunday. 
“I think it is a very dangerous thing for president Obama, the sense that his administration is not competent to protect the American people, that is the most fundamental job of a U.S. president and I think it is a big factor in the midterm elections.”

Since I don't believe Obama is competent enough to sullenly manage a McDonald's or Denny's, I guess this is pretty bad news for Democrats. But mostly it's continued bad news for America, as Obama still has two more years to further ruin the economy, to further demoralize and disarm the military, and to further agitate racial tensions and violence. Aren't we all in for a good time...

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