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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Poll: Huge Majority of States Disapprove of Obama

CLICK TO ENLARGE Chart from Phil Kerpen and posted on Powerline

"It appears to me that lots and lots of folks in lots and lots of states want to be audited."

Tell us something that we didn't know-- not just something that media doesn't know.

From Powerline (h/t Instapundit):

National approval/disapproval polls have shown President Obama consistently under water for some time, but the numbers are even worse when viewed state by state. Liberals–generally speaking, Obama’s last defenders–are heavily concentrated in a few large states; in fact, within certain urban areas in those states. When those states are taken out of the picture, the result is truly bleak for Obama and the Democrats.  
Outside of a handful of states–California (49/48), New York (50/47), Massachusetts (50/47), Maryland, which benefits from the D.C. boom (56/43)–the numbers are brutal. Even blue states like Minnesota (40/57) and Oregon (44/54) have had it with Obama. And in his last redoubts, California et al., Obama is not much more than breaking even.

Weird. It's almost like Obama's use of government agencies (IRS, CDC, EPA, etc.) as political weapons to punish his enemies,  heavy-handed political b.s., preening, thin-skinned ego, piss-poor performance with international relations, betrayal of allies, racial political games, and golfing immediately after the beheading of an American reporter has an effect on his numbers. Whoulda thunk it? Certainly not the Ministry of Truth MSM.

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