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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Mystery Victim of the Oklahoma Beheading

"Hey do you folks remember when I was saying my beloved, white grandmother was racist? Well, you connect the dots from there..."

It's pretty hard to find a picture of the Colleen Hufford, the woman murdered by Muslim psycho Alton Nolen. And guess why? Anyway, you can find pictures (spoiler alert: Colleen Hufford was a white woman) and write-up and on Hufford in a British newspaper.

From The Daily Mail:

On a link to a donation page for the family, the site administrator wrote: 'Colleen Hufford was beautiful soul who will be remembered for always having a smile on her face and a kind word to offer. 
'She was a loyal wife, mother, and a doting grandmother.'  
The administrator added that Mrs Hufford was an 'avid sports fan' known for her 'upbeat' personality and said any funds raised would help pay for her funeral and for Riley's education. 
Within minutes of the Facebook page going live, dozens of people had posted moving tributes to the victim.  
Friend Caroline Littlefield wrote: 'Beautiful family, beautiful person, we will miss you, Ms Colleen!'

Meanwhile, Nolen was posting pictures of decapitations on his Facebook page...

On Nolen's Facebook page, listed under the name Jah'Keem Yisrael, he posted photos of Osama bin Laden and Taliban fighters, along with posts condemning a variety of aspects of American life. 
Posts ranged from religious iconography to stock photography to even photos of supposed UFO activity.  
It also included a graphic photo of a beheading.

The story also has a picture of Traci Johnson the other woman stabbed by Nolen, and --surprise!-- she is a white woman too.

Is it it just me, or are you getting just a tiny bit sick of the media's double standard for all this crap. I mean, we get volumes written about Ferguson's "Gentle Giant" Michael Brown-- who just happened to rob a store immediately before he was shot by police-- and yet we have to go to Britain to see a major newspaper even identify the race of the victims of Alton Nolen.

I'm wondering if Obama, Holder, et al. will send a representative to Colleen Hufford's funeral, as they did to Michael Brown's memorial, or even a Get Well Soon card to Traci Johnson. I won't hold my breath. Criminally assaulted and murdered middle-aged white women just aren't politically useful for the race hustlers in charge.

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