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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

"JV" ISIS Advances into Both Iraq and Syria

I hope our State Department is ready to hashtag out #FreeIraq or something...

Who could've predicted this? Certainly not Obama, who is intentionally being kept in the dark by the racist Secret Service.

From The Washington Free Beacon:

The United States appears to be losing its fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL or ISIS) in Iraq and Syria, experts say, as the jihadist group adapts to U.S. airstrikes and advances toward Baghdad and a strategic town on the Syrian-Turkish border. 
McClatchy reported on Friday that ISIL had established an operational presence in Abu Ghraib, a town within miles of the capital Baghdad that could enable the militants to shell the Baghdad International Airport with artillery. The airport serves as a key transit point for Western embassies and houses a joint operations center with U.S. military advisers. 
A Defense Department spokeswoman said there were no indications yet that ISIL had taken over Abu Ghraib. 
ISIL has also made significant gains in recent days in Iraq’s western Anbar province, where it has seized the town of Hit and launched assaults on other military bases in the region. Hundreds of Iraqi soldiers have been captured, and U.S. and allied airstrikes appear to have failed to push back ISIL from its strongholds in Anbar. 
In Syria, ISIL engaged in intense fighting on Monday with Kurdish forces in Kobani—a key town near the Turkish border that could grant Islamic militants new smuggling lines for fighters and supplies if they control it. U.S. airstrikes have also failed to relieve ISIL’s siege of Kobani. 
Additionally, the Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday that ISIL fighters have adopted new tactics to evade airstrikes and retain control of territory, including avoiding the use of cell phones and radios, removing their leaders and weapons from bases in Syria, and blending in with the civilian population.

For a group of jayvees pretending to be The Lakers, ISIS isn't doing too badly. And since Obama has promised not too put American boots on the ground-- probably one of the only Obama promises I actually believe-- all ISIS has to do is keep its head down for a while as they continue to murder stacks of people, and cut the heads of selected Westerners.

Obama has no plan, no stomach, and is afraid to deal with actual enemies of the US and its allies. Expect nothing but more ISIS killings, and Obama's attempts to blame others and downplay the violence. Oh, and expect the media to continue to roll over on Obama's command.

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