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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Are Incandescent Heating Balls on the Way to the US?

"The best ideas out there these days tend to be the simplest ones. To get around the incandescent light bulb ban, the famous invention of Thomas Edison is being labeled a heating device. From MNN via Instapundit: Skirting EU law: The rebranding of incandescent bulbs as 'Heat Balls'

"'You gotta hand it to German businessman Siegfried Rotthaeuser, who came up with a brilliant run around the European Union ban on conventional incandescent light bulbs — he rebranded them as "Heat Balls" and is importing them for sale as a "small heating device."

"'Rotthaeuser's website is in German, but Google does a passable job of translation. First, he's clear that the Heat Ball isn't for lighting, stating (in German, the following is translated) "A HEAT BALL ® is not a lamp, but it fits in the same version!"

"'Further down: "The use of Heat Balls avoids the lack of heat. The intended use of heat Balls is the heating. "The man deserves to become a millionaire. As I teach in my classes, and in fact in this blog, all electrical devices in your house, including incandescent light bulbs, are in fact small electric furnaces that run around 100% efficient.'"

So, will we still be able to light our houses with light bulbs er... heating balls in the near future, or will mercury vapor be settling into our houses every time we break a bulb?

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  1. I love it! and will be keeping my "Heat Balls"