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Friday, February 18, 2011

Wisconsin a Test Case for Unions and States Governments?

Are the Wisconsin protests a test for the unions nationwide?

"Nearly 4,000 government union workers crowded the Ohio Statehouse today, protesting a bill by Republican state senator Shannon Jones that would eliminate some collective bargaining rights for public union employees in the state.


"In Indiana, over 600 United Steelworkers members protested Tuesday, opposing legislation that would make Indiana a right-to-work state and a different bill that would reduce unemployment benefits.

"Bottom line: What happens in Wisconsin could easily have a ripple effect across the nation. If the unions win, watch for them to challenge other governors just as aggressively. If they don’t win, that could embolden state legislators to vote for legislation unions oppose."

Maybe that's true, but either way Wisconsin legislators and the governor have to dig in here. The mid-west cannot give in to union threats, vitriol and protests.

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