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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Republican Congressman Christopher Lee Resigns after Craigslist Flirtation

Republican Christopher Lee resigned after details of his flirtations with a girl he met while answering a Craigslist "Women for Men" forum.

"It’s a classic 'boy meets girl' story. Girl places ad in Craigslist’s 'Women for Men' forum; boy responds and kicks off a long, flirty e-mail exchange; boy ends up sending girl cheesy cell-phone photos of him with his shirt off; girl forwards photos and e-mails to Internet gossip site known for lurid stories about politicians and their hook-ups.

"Oh, almost forgot: Boy neglected to tell girl that he’s married, with children, and happens to be a Republican congressman from New York."

Amusingly this comes after current Republican House Speaker John Boehner told him to curb the partying-- which seems to have been a bit of a problem for Lee.

"A topless Craigslist photo might not have been a disgraced ex-Republican congressman's first transgression.

"House Speaker John Boehner warned Buffalo-area Rep. Christopher Lee – who resigned yesterday -- over his partying antics with female lobbyists last year, according to Politico.

"Sources told the political website that Lee was one of several junior GOP lawmakers that Boehner cautioned to "knock it off" with other women. Boehner, who was then House minority leader, had previously made clear that personal misconduct would not be tolerated."

And then there's the obligatory, Jack Benny-style lying about his age...

"The 46-year-old married congressman abruptly called it quits on Wednesday after the website Gawker busted him for sending a shirtless photo and flirty emails to a woman hunting for dates on the Craigslist.

"In the messages sent to the Maryland resident and government employee last month, Lee claimed he was a 39-year-old divorced lobbyist and a 'fit fun classy guy.'

"Lee stepped down 'effectively immediately' just hours after the report was published, although he initially told the site that his email account had been hacked."

And the best of all is the "My Creepy Dad" photos he e-mailed.

How dumb can you be? Good bye and good riddance.

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