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Friday, February 4, 2011

Don't Like the Tea Party and Arizona? Then Come Watch a Play about Murdering Conservatives Says Mercury Theatre Artistic Director

More of that vaunted Leftist civility, I guess...

Dan Riehl at BigHollywood.com is reporting that the Mercury Theatre in Madison, WI is taking some heat for putting on a theatrical version of the film "The Last Supper."

From The Daily Page's event details:

"Mercury Players Theatre is producing The Last Supper, a play by Dan Rosen in which politics and morals are at odds when five liberal grad students discover a new way to deal with the radical right wing. Talkbacks will be held following the performances on Friday, January 28th and Saturday, January 29th. Following those performances, audience members will have the opportunity to ask questions of the cast, the director, the production team, and the playwright himself.


"'The Last Supper is a perfect Mercury fit. Mercury strives to keep our art current, poignant, radical and a bit raw --- so does Dan Rosen's The Last Supper. If you have felt helpless and unheard through the outrage of our own culture right now - through Arizona, through the Tea Party, through Madison's own political turn - then this is the show for you!' said Mercury's Artistic Director, Rachel Jenkins-Bledsoe [emphasis mine].


"Politics and morals are at odds when five liberal grad students discover a new way to deal with the radical right wing. Arsenic and Old Lace meets Fox News in this twisted dark comedy. This is the debut of a new version of the script, revised by the playwright to reflect the changes in the political climate since the play was originally written."

Yup. Because the only way to cope with a Right turn in this country is to watch a play about killing conservatives. How mature.

And my parents ask me why I don't go to the theater as often as I used to...


  1. Wasn't this a movie with Hellboy in? Where the conservative outwitted the liberals at the end and killed them all? RUINED PLOT FOR YOU sorry!

  2. Yeah, it's based on a movie with Ron Perlman (Hellboy) Cameron Diaz, Nora Dunn, Courtney Vance, Bill Paxton, etc. The play was an adaption of the screenplay by the same writer, Dan Rosen.