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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wisconsin Republican Lawmakers Face Threats of Attack

Wisconsin Gov Scott Walker Portrayed as Hitler photo by Ann Althouse

More Leftist civility: Hitler posters and physical threats-- in addition to the name-calling vitriol and walkouts.

Wasn't this the kind of response everyone expected from the Right after Obama was elected, or when ObamaCare was passed? It didn't happen. But it does happen in Wisconsin when you take on the Democrat-allied unions.

"Randy Hopper is a state senator in Wisconsin. A Republican. He is now holed up with his colleagues — his Republican colleagues — in the capitol. The Democratic senators have apparently fled the state. Hopper says, 'None of my colleagues from the minority party decided to come to work today.'

"The Democrats are denying the Republicans the quorum necessary to vote on key fiscal legislation.


"Hopper has received threatening phone calls and e-mails. These are threats of a physical nature. 'We are working with law enforcement in my district. They are watching my home and my business.' Other Republicans have had their homes and businesses threatened, too. The unionists have demonstrated outside those homes and businesses.

"A menacing old phrase comes to mind (and has been used by others, in talking about events in Wisconsin): We know where you live.

"Hopper says, 'I've always said that they can threaten me all they want, but it’s not going to stop me from doing what the people elected me to do.' And he says more than once, 'We’re still here.' The Republicans have not run anywhere.

"They have been pushed around (literally), screamed at, etc. The capitol is surrounded. The signs carried by the protesters are 'vicious,' says Hopper. There are comparisons of Gov. Scott Walker to Hitler, of course. And there are other signs 'I won’t describe to you.'"

Kind of funny that the OFA is funding this kind of stuff-- you know, reaching across the aisle and all that.

And of course there's the money involved. Michelle Malkin has a very, very long list of Illinois educators making $100,000+ a year in Wisconsin. Check it out. Do you think they're not going to scream "Hitler" to try to save that sort of money? Guess again.

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