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Friday, February 11, 2011

Pakistan Doubles its Nuclear Weapon Stockpile

Here's a story that slipped under a lot of people's radar.

From The Washington Post article by Karen DeYoung:

"Pakistan's nuclear arsenal now totals more than 100 deployed weapons, a doubling of its stockpile over the past several years in one of the world's most unstable regions, according to estimates by nongovernment analysts.

"The Pakistanis have significantly accelerated production of uranium and plutonium for bombs and developed new weapons to deliver them. After years of approximate weapons parity, experts said, Pakistan has now edged ahead of India, its nuclear-armed rival.


"Other nuclear powers have their own interests in the region. China, which sees India as a major regional competitor, has major investments in Pakistan and a commitment to supply it with at least two nuclear-energy reactors.

"Russia has increased its cooperation with India and told Pakistan last week that it was 'disturbed' about its arms buildup."

You would think this news make a bigger splash than it did...

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