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Monday, May 4, 2009

Americans Do Not Believe that Government and UAW Will Run GM and Chrysler Well

Check out this report from Rasmussen (h/t Instapundit).

Some highlights: "Just 18% of Americans think the United Auto Workers union and the federal government will do a good job running Chrysler and General Motors... Forty-seven percent (47%) believe the union and the government will do a bad job, while 35% are not sure. "

"Seventy percent (70%) continue to oppose any additional bailout funding for GM and Chrysler, while 13% think it’s a good idea. Just two weeks ago, 60% said the bailout loans already given to the auto companies were a bad idea, although the Political Class disagreed."

"A potential problem for Chrysler is that just 25% of Americans say they would buy a car from a bankrupt company."

Hmm... Do you think people enthusiasm for Obama's fantasy economics might be waning? Or do these people simply need a little reeducation by the One?

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