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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

More Obama Action Figure Pics

Back by popular demand... More Action Obama Pictures! (click to enlarge)

Thrill as he cuts his way through those racist Tea Party protesters!

Swoon as he stands idly and watches Iran develop nuclear weapons!

Laugh as he hosts Rus Simmons Def Comedy Jam!

Cower as he threatens talk radio with a shotgun and the Fairness Doctrine!

And cheer as he shows Wanda Sykes how he'd like to deal with that pesky Rush Limbaugh!


  1. I want to see an Obama action figure with attachable TelePrompter.

  2. Obama Transformer comin right up. This is a custom of the original Obama Action Figure at the ART + ACTION = OBAMA 08 custom show in NYC.

    Obama. More than meets the eyeeeeeee....


  3. Does Quite Rightly get any royalties?